EcoWorx offers a range of MICROBE-LIFT bioaugmentation products to deal with issues relating to waste water, agriculture effluent and industrial spillage. We also offer biological products to increase crop yield and enhance the production of biogas. Our products are biological rather than chemical and have a proven track record in diverse industries, ranging from agri-processing to petrochemical.


By understanding what we needed we could go out and test different products on the market. We finally found what we consider to be by far the best bio augmentation product on the market today. No other products offers the results, affordability and useability that the Microbelift product offers. Because of hundreds of case studies, real life trails and happy customers we are confident that we can offer solutions to your problems. Our team consists of process specialists, sales specialists and bacterial specialists that can tailor a solution to your specific problem. At EcoWorx we are not just distributors we are people fighting for a brighter cleaner tomorrow.

We hold the sub Saharan agency for this wonderful product and hope to make a serious difference in the way that we as south Africans view the industries we work in. We offer real solutions to end users and also great opportunities to Wholesalers, distributors, sub distributors and service providers.


Microbelift IND is a high count multi strain microbial product that is very efficient and cost effectively deals with multiple organic issues that can be found in multiple industries.

The product has proven itself for over 40 years in multiple industries. And managed to help countless people in insuring their waste is handled in a safe environmentally but yet cost effective and efficient way.

There is currently no one else that can offer what Microbelift IND offers with the most effective bio technology and patents to insure a continues positive result.

Unlike our competitors 2-6 strain bacterial products we offer 29 strains that handles all of the biological processes found in a waste system. Where our competitors handles but one or two of the processes.


  • Ammonia
  • Nitrites
  • Nitrates
  • Fats, oils and grease
  • Total suspended solids
  • COD
  • BOD
  • Sulphides
  • Sludge historical and current
  • Hydro carbons.
  • Phosphates
  • Odours


In these 5 processes we have managed to sustainably grow 29 species of microbes in one bottle these microbes are completely live and ready to start working the moment they are introduced to your environment.

Keeping all these species alive and well long enough to give it a shelf life is what we are all about. Our product unopened have a guaranteed 2 year shelf life making it the longest shelf life of any live bacterial product.

  • Aerobic

    Breaking down simple and aromatic hydro carbons(from methane to petroleum waste), ammonia and nitrites

  • Anaerobic

    breaking down simple and aromatic hydro carbons(from methane to petroleum waste), nitrates and sulphides

  • Facultative

    Utilizing either oxygen or when it is unavailable nitrates, sulphates or sulphur to metabolize. This obviously is a fantastic advantage when you are trying to get rid of Sulphates, sulphur or nitrates

  • Chemo synthetic

    Breaking down carbons and in the process using matter like sulphides

  • Photosynthetic

    Using the power of the sun to deal with hydrogen sulphides


Our bacteria is extremely efficient for a number of reasons. Largest consortium multi strain bacteria in the industry.

  Genus(type) What problems they solve:
Nitrobacter Nitrites
Nitrosomonas Nitrogenous waste like, ammonia
Nitrococcus Nitrites
Comamonas Aromatic hydro carbons
Bacillus Simple and aromatic hydrocarbons
Saccharomyces Phosphorous, carbon, ammonia
Purple Sulfur bacteria Sulphorous
Pseudomonas Aromatic hydrocarbons
Alcaligenes Nitrates
Citrobacter Simple and aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrates
Flavobacterium Simple hydro carbons
Purple Bacteria (non- sulphur) Simple and aromatic hydrocarbons


Heterotrophic Plate Count 1.0E6 cfu/mL 1.45E6 cfu/mL
Anaerobic Plate Count 1.0E6 cfu/mL 1.22E6 cfu/mL
Photosynthetic Bacteria 1.0E6 cfu/mL 1.09E6 cfu/mL

But even with this high count our success is guaranteed by our diversity of microbes and that we can utilize all biological processes found in waste.

bacteria stock photo


  • Abattoirs: fish, poultry and red meat
  • Dairy juice and wine processing
  • Sewage treatment
  • Landfill management
  • Open water desludging and remediation
  • Septic tanks and pit latrines
  • Agriculture
  • Bio gas
  • Crop yield enhancement

The short version, in as little as 8 weeks waste problems can be sorted out and significant increase in soil and environmental health can increase.