Microbelift DGTT is an extremely effective all natural biological Product with 29 different species of live active bacteria.


MICROBE-LIFT DGTT represents a novel culture consortium that differs from all other commercial bio-formulations. MICROBE-LIFT DGTT utilizes a proprietary “5 day” mixed fermentation and facultative anaerobic growth process that results in a culture consortium with exceptional performance in facultative anaerobic and aerobic environments, the conditions that exist in grease traps, septic systems and corresponding absorption fields.


  • Microbelift DGTT is administered at a rate 5-20ppm to daily flow rate depending on severity of th system.
  • Microbelift DGTT is administered undiluted straight into the line by dosing pump
  • Application is done in drain lines prior to the trap and should be done at closing time or in a low flow period
  • In extreme cases with historical problems dosage may be doubled


  • Cleaner drain lines and pipes
  • Eliminates the hard surface grease in all tanks,
  • Eliminates or reduces the build-up of grease balls and grease chunks
  • Control bad odors from drain lines and traps
  • Improves effluent water quality.
  • Microbe-Lift IND makes a significant difference in the overall condition of the system.
  • Degraded FOGs in grease trap
  • Reduced need for pumping
  • Prevented pipe clogging
Bacrotec - Grease Trap Bacterial Applications dgtt




Ecological Laboratories Inc. Douglas Dent August 2003


John Cocker operates Cocker Plumbing located in Homestead, Florida. John’s business services commercial properties, food facilities, apartment buildings and residential septic systems. He routinely provides service maintenance of facility effluent lines, grease traps and absorption fields (drain fields).

John stated that he was a past user of Microbe-Lift DGTT, and was returning to our product based on the performance comparisons he had observed in various competitive applications. John had switched to a competitive supplier (Bio-One) based on a relationship with the salesmen, lower cost and information that the product would outperform Microbe-Lift DGTT.

During the period he used the competitive bio-product John saw no system benefits what so ever. He used the competitive product in the same manner and at the same feed rates as previously used with Microbe-Lift IND. His comparison of these products performance and the superior Microbe-Lift IND results was the reason for his return to Ecological Laboratories.


John has successfully used Microbe-Lift DGTT to reduce his service time in system clean-out and pump-out of both septic tanks and grease traps, as well as to improve effluent flow to absorption field in commercial operations where the systems are organically and hydraulically overloaded. The application of Microbe-Lift IND is done at the time of pumping, and again during any system service or maintenance.

Restaurant Grease Trap System:

John services a major BBQ Restaurant with an effluent flow of 10,000 gallons/day. He modified the effluent treatment system that had consisted of a single 750/gal grease trap and 1,500 gallon septic tank, by adding three additional grease traps before the septic tank. The current system has a 750gal/ GT, to which he added one 900gal/GT and two 1,500 gal/GTs, in-line before the 1,500 septic tank, with effluent to an absorption field.

Johns adds one quart of Microbe-Lift DGTT to each of the systems tanks every time he pumps the grease traps and septic tank. He advised that the use of Microbe-Lift DGTT controls or eliminates the hard surface grease in all tanks, and eliminates or reduces the build-up of grease balls and grease chunks; and that Microbe-Lift IDGTT makes a significant difference in the overall condition of the system at time of service.

John stated that the competitive formulation used “at the same feed rate” in the same systems, “showed on impact on the systems tanks for solids and grease control”, and this prompted his returned to Microbe-Lift DGTT.


Ecological Laboratories Inc. Douglas A. Dent, Product Development Manager

Case History: 

Mr. Henry Whay of Whay Sanitation Company 1740 Irvington Road Weems, VA 22576 (804 435 0945). Reports the following results.


Whay Sanitation Company operates a large septic collection facility to break down septic and restaurant grease trap waste (30,000 gallons/day). They have been a Microbe-Lift IND user for several years however recently developed a new marketing program.

Grease Problem: 

Whay’s septic waste receiving station consists of a 1000 gallon dump station and screen area with discharge to a 500 gallon distribution tank that distributes the waste to two 10,000 gallon biological tanks. The 500 gallon distribution tank had a continued problem of heavy grease accumulation on its surface, with large grease balls that were like watermelons.

Trail Treatment:

Based on recent results seen with MICROBE-LIFT IND in grease traps, Henry and his maintenance supervision decided to add one gallon of MICROBE-LIFT IND to the 500 gallon distribution tank to see what effect MICROBE-LIFT IND would have on the surface grease matt.


The following day they inspected the tank and were amazed to find there were no more large grease balls or grease chunks. With the results they had witnessed they decided to add an addition gallon of MICROBE-LIFT IND to the 500 gallon tank to determine what effect this would have on the remaining grease matt. The following evening they inspected the tanks and found the tanks completely free of grease deposits, with no trace of surface grease in the waste receiving distribution tank. Henry advised Microbe-Lift IND’s performance is simply amusing “he has never seen anything work like “MICROBE-LIFT IND” on grease deposits.