MICROBE-LIFT IND represents a novel culture consortium that differs from all other commercial bio-formulations.


MICROBE-LIFT IND utilizes a proprietary “5 day” mixed fermentation and facultative anaerobic growth process that results in a culture consortium with exceptional performance in facultative anaerobic and anaerobic environments, the conditions that exists in septic systems.


  • Microbelift IND is administered at a rate of 100ml of IND to every unit after every cleaning.
  • Microbelift IND is diluted 1:4 with water just prior to application to insure proper penetration.
  • In extreme cases with fewer cleanings of units dosage may be doubled


  • Best odour control in a safe biological form
  • Microbelift IND is not a masking agent or chemical, it breaks down the organic elements that cause bad odour
  • Starts the process of solid liquification before it gets to a process plant
  • Will not in any way negatively affect the final process plant
  • Residual effects will enhance the process plant
  • Non toxic, contains no pathogens and is completely safe for the environment
  • Easy application with no harmful side affects to personnel.




“Solving Environmental Problems Naturally” Odour Control in Portable Toilets


Portable Toilet and Septic Pumper Companies were facing increasing resistance and escalating regulations from Operators of wastewater treatment facilities concerning the composition of chemicals being pumped into the systems from the tanks of the pumping trucks. Companies using formaldehyde, or formaldehyde-based odour control products were the main target. Many products being used would create two major problems for the treatment facilities.

The introduction of many of the toxic products into the treatment system would cause “biological kills” of the bacteria being used to degrade the solid waste and control BOD in the facility. These toxic products in the effluent would also create unacceptable water release problems for the facilities. Also attributing to the need to find an alternative product was the fact that most of the products on the market were hazardous to handle, and in some cases, actually fatal if ingested, even in very small quantities.

The companies were faced with a two-fold problem. First, they had to have a safe, effective product to control the odours in the portable units. Second, they had to find a product that would be readily accepted by the operators of the wastewater treatment facilities. Most companies had tried natural products that would be acceptable at the treatment facilities, but found the products to be ineffective in controlling the odours in the portable units.

Our solution:

At the request of a manager of a Waste Management facility, Ecological Laboratories, Inc. formulated an odour control product using Microbe-Lift IND as the substrate. The initial field tests were conducted with the assistance of Waste Management. The tests were conducted in South East Georgia in the month of July. Average daily temperatures ranged 90 to 96 degree F.

The relative humidity was consistently above 90% during the test period. The product was found to be extremely effective in controlling odours emitted by the portable units. With a system charge of 100ml of the Microbe-Lift IND, one heavily used test unit was not pumped for 14 days. No offensive odours were ever present in the unit. The unit eventually had to be pumped and cleaned because it had reach volume capacity and near overflowing levels.

This unique and innovative product is the first of its type. The product is not a masking agent that simply covers up unpleasant odours, particularly hydrogen sulphide odours. It actually reduces the effluent’s ability to produce the odours.

Testimonials provided support and proof of the product’s effectiveness. The product is not only accepted by all wastewater treatment facilities, but it also provides a residual benefit to the effluent at the treatment plants by helping to control hydrogen sulphide odours and corrosion along with contributing to a measurable reduction in TSS and BOD at the plant.


Utilizing the same technology that has made Microbe-Lift IND so effective in controlling hydrogen sulphide in industrial and municipal applications, we were able to solve the problems confronting Portable Toilet Companies. Microbe-Lift IND is environmentally friendly. It will not harm human, animal, or marine life when used as directed.

The product is extremely effective in controlling offensive odours emitted by portable toilets. Discharge of effluent from pumping trucks is welcomed by waste collection facilities.

This product conclusively solved all the problems associated with the use of toxic chemicals in the treatment of portable toilets.

If you or your customers have a odour problem or residual side affects to the final treatment of your portable toilets put MICROBE-LIFT IND to the test and see what benefits you will receive! Nothing works like MICROBE-LIFT IND, effective and cost efficient.