Bio gas is fast becoming an extremely popular method of pre treating waste water, producing alternative energy and creating financial savings for the industry.


Biogas is effectively used in the production of heat and electricity. Producing Biogas however comes with its own set of problems that needs addressing. The biggest issues with bio gas is keeping the anaerobic bacterial colonies alive and well. These colonies digests the solids and produce the bio gas(methane).

The second issue is the processing of the Hydrogen sulphide that accompanies the production of biogas. Hydrogen sulphide is extremely corrosive and greatly shortens the lifespan of the sulphide scrubbers used to get rid of them. We offer solutions to these problems with an affordable and effective bio augmentation program.


Keeping your bacterial colonies alive and well. Bacterial action is influenced by a number of different aspects like temperature, pH of the system anti bacterial agents like dysinfectants getting into the system.

There will always be factors that kill of bacteria as these are extremely difficult to avoid. With a Bio Augmentation program though this risk is greatly mitigated. As the bacterie is killed of from time to time the bacteria is introduced again on a consistent basis and insures long time stability of such a system.


Our bacteria is organic and natural, completely safe and pathogen free. It has a guaranteed shelf life of 2 years.

The nature of our consortium leads to an interesting phenomenon that is explained in its simplest form as self selection. Because we have such a wide range of bacteria functioning over different processes our bacteria flourishes in almost any environment.

The moment it is introduced into a system the availability of different types of waste will encourage the growth of the specific bacteria for that type of waste. If nitrates is high the denitrification bacteria will go to work. If FOG’s are high the carbon bacteria will go to work. If odours are high the Sulphur bacteria will to work etc. This gives us the most successful bio augmentation product on the market today.


Our bacterial consortium has massive effects on the treatment of a biogas system. We insure:

  • Healthy and continues bacterial action in the system

  • Up to 50% increased biogas yield due better bacterial action

  • Greatly reduce hydrogen sulphide and prolonging the lifespans of equipment used

  • Greatly reduce the odours associated with biogas


Our bacteria is extremely efficient for a number of reasons. Largest consortium multi strain bacteria in the industry.

  Genus(type) What problems they solve:
Nitrobacter Nitrites
Nitrosomonas Nitrogenous waste like, ammonia
Nitrococcus Nitrites
Comamonas Aromatic hydro carbons
Bacillus Simple and aromatic hydrocarbons
Saccharomyces Phosphorous, carbon, ammonia
Purple Sulfur bacteria Sulphorous
Pseudomonas Aromatic hydrocarbons
Alcaligenes Nitrates
Citrobacter Simple and aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrates
Flavobacterium Simple hydro carbons
Purple Bacteria (non- sulphur) Simple and aromatic hydrocarbons


Heterotrophic Plate Count 1.0E6 cfu/mL 1.45E6 cfu/mL
Anaerobic Plate Count 1.0E6 cfu/mL 1.22E6 cfu/mL
Photosynthetic Bacteria 1.0E6 cfu/mL 1.09E6 cfu/mL


Hydrogen sulphide as mentioned before is a natural by product of the anaerobic process this however causes odours as well as increased wear and tear on the equipment used. This greatly increases the cost of producing bio gas as well as causing issues with neighbours because of the smell.

Our bacterial consortium contains bacteria that specializes in the breaking doen of hydrogen sulphide and will effectively eliminate odours from your biogas system. This will also greatly enhance the lifespan of your sulphide scrubbers.


Bio gas is an effective energy alternative but still in a biogas system there is not a lot of gas produced every day. More gas will mean more energy wil mean more savings and return on an investment.

With the increased bacterial action of our product you will be able to produce between 30-50% more gas from the same outflow of waste. This will lead to faster paybacks and more energy savings making the biogas option a extremely attractive one.