Successful Manure Management Program at Hatfield’s Country View Family Farms

Bacterial activity is extremely important in soil and the affects of these beneficial bacteria is very important to the final harvest.

MICROBE-LIFT produced better than expected results, paying for itself with greater yields in swine production; greater crop yields from land-farming while lowering flies infestations and almost eliminating odour from the manure storage pits.

Country View Family Farms (CVFF), a subsidiary of Hatfield Quality Meats Company of Pennsylvania, reported that Microbe Lift IND had significantly improved odour control and sludge (solids) reduction in their manure management program at trials in several of their Swine Farm Operations. In addition, the Coop Farmers stated that they had less fly infestations in their barns, lower swine mortality rates due to better health conditions, and the big surprise was significantly greater crop yields from land-farming with Microbe Lift IND treated manure and compost runoff.

Sounds too good to be true, but with trials results, starting in early 2000, have been repeated over and over again and now Microbe Lift IND is being used in some 80 CVFF Farms in Western Pennsylvania. The results to date are simple; every single Co-op Farmer using the product is happy with the results of the manure management program. CVFF is one of the largest swine farm co-ops in the United States, with over 200 Grow Farms and 50 Sow Facilities. They claim that it has worked every time, and now they plan to roll out the program to their other facilities.

Raising swine is a challenging business. Environmental and Public Health issues have been of real concern to Farm Operators worldwide. The increasing demand for production, and the market pressures for price controls, have weighted heavily on Swine Producers. The economics of swine production have led to consolidation into larger and larger facilities, which have led to greater number of swine at each facility, and therefore a concentration of waste by-products, in these industrialized farms. As such, manure management has become a very important issue affecting downstream water quality, local odour control, as well as solid waste disposal. EPA Regulations are being enacted and enforced concerning: Odour Control, as residential homes encroach on farmland; Water Quality, as pollution impact available water recourses; and Solid Wastes, as land-farming is restricted due to nitrogen run-off and land-fill close downs.

Microbe Lift IND treatment has proven to be an environmentally safe and economical solution to meet the challenges of manure management on its ever-increasing scale. Microbe Lift IND helps Swine Farmers maintain the highest level of integrity in animal welfare and bio-security, while providing safe and wholesome products that their consumers can trust.

Case Studies at CVFF Coop Farms