Farmer Boy Agricultural Supply Co, Contract Pumper Trial

In Western Pennsylvania, a CVFF Sow Farm had problems with their large pull-plug operations.

The shallow pits in the barns were blocked with sludge, which lead to further sludge issues in their two million gallon collection pits. One of these collection pits had developed a cone shaped sludge pile measuring some 6 meters high from the pits bottom to the top of the water level when full.

A low dosage treatment program was developed for this pull-plug operation in 2006, which resolved the shallow pit problems in the barns within the first 60 days of treatment. Then in the spring of 2007, when the 7.6 million litre collection pits were pumped out, the Contract Pumper reported that for the first time he could pump the holding lagoons without any problems. This resulted in a large savings in time and money to CVFF, combined with the fact that the cone shaped sludge pile in the first lagoon was totally eliminated. Microbe Lift IND had removed the sludge deposits in one growing season, while only treating the shallow pits in the barns. Farmer Boy Supply is expanding distribution from PA to NY and OH based on these results.