EcoWorx offers a range of MICROBE-LIFT bioaugmentation products to deal with issues relating to waste water, agriculture effluent and industrial spillage. We also offer biological products to increase crop yield and enhance the production of biogas. Our products are biological rather than chemical and have a proven track record in diverse industries, ranging from agri-processing to petrochemical.

We produce cost effective results as evidenced in hundreds of case studies, real life trials and happy customers. The products are easy to use and with a team of process specialists and bacterial experts to support you, we are confident that we can offer a real, sustainable solution to your problem.

EcoWorx holds the sub-Saharan agency for the MICROBE-LIFT range of products and there are opportunities for wholesalers, distributors and service providers who share our vision for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.


Bio-augmentation is the introduction of specially selected micro-organisms with specific metabolic profiles to speed up the rate of degradation in a particular environment. This process can be applied to a multitude of environments, from breaking down unwanted or undesirable substances and particles to get rid of them to stimulating degradation to enhance methane production.  Bio-stimulation through the addition of selected bacterial cultures in the growth medium of crops is used to increase yields naturally and organically.

The MICROBE-LIFT range of products is unique in that it contains 29 species of microbes. They are live and ready to start working the moment they are introduced into the environment. Application is simple and no special equipment is needed. Unopened, it has a guaranteed two year shelf life; the longest shelf life of any live bacterial product.


In these 5 processes we have managed to sustainably grow 29 species of microbes in one bottle these microbes are completely live and ready to start working the moment they are introduced to your environment. Keeping all these species alive and well long enough to give it a shelf life is what we are all about. Our product unopened have a guaranteed 3 year shelf life making it the longest shelf life of any live bacterial product.


Our Products was designed to save water, reduce fertilizer runoff, grow healthier plants and increase yield. Each unique product may be used independently or in combination, as determined by the needs of a grower. Our Products was formulated to be incorporated into growers’ existing cultural practices and in addition to commonly used products.

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