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Dealing with industrial waste water is a significant problem in South Africa. Where industries are expanding and populations increasing, old, under-capacitated and often under-maintained systems can’t keep up. Start-ups have to deal with capital constraints and the pending “zero-liquid-to-landfill”- legislation. MICROBE-LIFT IND is specifically designed to deal with problems in industrial and municipal wastewater systems.Microbe-Lift has developed a series of bacterial cultures to enhance the biological breakdown process in industrial and municipal wastewater systems. Microbe-Lift IND Series liquid and dry cultures are culture concentrates designed specifically for use in wastewater systems to achieve rapid startup, rapid recovery from upsets, the optimum level of system performance, and improved system stability.





  • Rapid Startup & System Recovery

  • Improves Solids Settling & Reduces Sludge

  • Reduces BOD, COD and TSS in Final Effluent

  • Improves Nitrification

  • Improves Cold Weather Performance

  • Solves your most difficult waste management problems when used in a controlled maintenance program.

  • Significantly Reduces Waste Odors

  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Digests Solid Organic Wastes & Fats - Oils - Grease (FOG)

  • Reduces Organic Dyes in Textile Plants.

  • Degrades Hydrocarbons

  • Improves WWTP Capacity.

  • Helps Establish and Improve Nitrification

  • Reduces Corrosion through Hydrogen Sulfide Removal


High nitrogen levels (ammonia, nitrites and nitrates)
MICROBE-LIFT IND contains all the species of bacteria required to complete the full nitrogen cycle. Our bacteria will degrade ammonia, and nitrites and denitrify nitrates to convert problematic nitrogen into harmless nitrogen gas.

High Fats, Oils and Grease 

The bacteria in our products will break down fats, oils and grease into their discrete elements - oxygen, hydrogen and carbon – and convert High fats, oils and grease into the water and carbon dioxide, leaving no residuals to clog up the system.

High phosphates

Our bacteria will bind the phosphorous in the wastewater in their cells, effectively removing them from the outflow water. 

High Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 

The photosynthetic bacteria in MICROBE-LIFT IND will effectively bind solids suspended in the water body and settle them. If these settled solids are organic, they can be digested by other bacteria in the consortium.

High Chemical Oxygen Demand / Biological Oxygen Demand (COD/BOD)

If you have problems with any of the issues described above, either singly or in combination, the outcome would be a high COD/BOD reading. By treating these issues with our live bacteria, the COD/BOD levels will be lowered to ensure that your outflow water meets the General Standards Specifications


The bacteria in our product range are organic and natural, completely safe and pathogen free. It has a guaranteed shelf life of three years and because of the range of bacteria in the products, there is a fit for almost any microbial environment.

The bacterial consortium is designed to “self-select” appropriately for the conditions in the microbial community in which it is placed. Once introduced into a system, the composition of the waste as well as the existing bacterial cultures in the environment will encourage the growth of the specific bacteria appropriate for that type of waste. If, for example, nitrates are high, the denitrification bacteria will go to work; if FOG’s are high, the carbon bacteria will get going; if the odour is the problem, the bacteria dealing with sulphur gets active.

This makes the MICROBE-LIFT range the most effective bioaugmentation product on the market today.

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