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SIZES: 25LBS (11.34KG)



MICROBE-LIFT HYDRO is a highly active dry culture consortium design specifically for use in petrochemical, refining, power generation, coal gasification, textile, steel cocking and land farming facilities to enhance overall biological oxidation capabilities.


MICROBE-LIFT HYDRO contains a blend of select microorganisms with a specification of 5 billion microorganisms. These cultures are designed to accelerate the biological oxidation of slow-to-degrade, difficult and non-biodegradable compounds to enhance biological oxidation and improve overall system performance and stability.

MICROBE-LIFT HYDRO’s select cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types and designs of biological wastewater systems. They increase the degradation of difficult-to-degrade and many non-biodegradable compounds that negatively impact wastewater system performance. They resist high concentrations of Inhibitory constituents; improve system performance, reduce system upsets and biomass kills common to industrial wastewater systems.

MICROBE-LIFT HYDRO – cultures significantly increase the oxidation of difficult-to-degrade compounds increasing overall wastewater system performance. This microbial consortium provides reductions in final effluent pass-through compounds, BOD, COD, SS, and improves settling in final clarifiers and reductions in waste sludge volume (degrades difficult chemical compounds and hydrocarbons).

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