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The natural restoration of health, quality, and ecological balance to polluted waterways such as manmade or natural bodies of water, retention and drainage ponds, rivers and streams, estuaries and municipal waterways is of great importance in every environment.





Our technology restores the ecosystem by promoting a more rapid removal of organic waste matter combined with the recycling of nutrients achieving a natural recovery process.

This technology restores water quality, recycles nutrients, reduces bottom solids, reduces odorous gases, controls and eliminates pathogens, and reduces or controls green water events that lead to eutrophic conditions.

A novel technology that restores aquatic ecosystems via biological processes, achieving water detoxification by natural microbial reduction of waste matter, with assured nitrification and denitrification for natural biological organic and nutrient control.

Microbe-Lift technology for the 100% natural restoration of health, quality, and ecological balance to polluted waterways including:

  • Ponds

  • Rivers & Streams

  • Retention Ponds

  • Estuaries

  • Municipal Waterways

    Microbe-Lift technology is the best choice for the achievement of:

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Environmental Safety

  • Superior Biological Sludge Removal

  • Toxins & Pollutants Removal

  • Elimination of Odor

  • Restoration of Aquatic Life

  • Digestion & Recycling of Organic Wastes


Most environmental problems in waterways result from excess nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients caused by fertilizer run-off, dead organic matter breakdown and animal waste pollution. Ponds often get excess nutrients from waterfowl, resulting in excessive algae growth. Ponds in housing or golfing estates can be affected by fertilizer run-off and grass clippings from lawn care, debris from trees, dust blowing into the pond and organic material leaching into the pond, resulting in the build-up of organic sludge and inorganic silt.

MICROBE-LIFT OFFERS solutions that remediate environmental pathways and processes. These solutions are achieved through the use of biotechnology to restore natural processes within a balanced environment, thereby controlling pollution and managing nutrient recycling. These achievements include the ability to address a wide range of pollution concerns, fully restore aquatic eutrophic ecosystems, achieve odour abatement, and eliminate hydrogen sulfide and corrosion through natural non-chemical methods.

The benefits of treatment with MICROBE-LIFT technology include the following: 

• Restores the ecosystem balance by clearing ponds of algae and surface solids 

• Eliminate noxious odours 

• Reduces contamination including nitrogenous compounds ammonia and organics restoring oxygen levels. 

• Breaks down organic sludge 


The bacteria in our product range are organic and natural, completely safe and pathogen free. It has a guaranteed shelf life of three years and because of the range of bacteria in the products, there is a fit for almost any microbial environment.

The bacterial consortium is designed to “self-select” appropriately for the conditions in the microbial community in which it is placed. Once introduced into a system, the composition of the waste as well as the existing bacterial cultures in the environment will encourage the growth of the specific bacteria appropriate for that type of waste. If, for example, nitrates are high, the denitrification bacteria will go to work; if FOG’s are high, the carbon bacteria will get going; if the odour is the problem, the bacteria dealing with sulphur gets active.

This makes the MICROBE-LIFT range the most effective bioaugmentation product on the market today.

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